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Monday, March 16, 2009

more on...The Poncho Project

Tomorrow, with the luck of the Irish on my side, I will making the first delivery for The Poncho Project to Lutheran General Hospital.  I didn't get as many done as I wanted to (I have 11 ponchos and 5 bags) but sometimes life just happens... and I ran out of cute fleece.  All I have is solid gray left... sort of blah... but Sean and I will be making a trip to the fabric store morning this week and then we will be up and running again.

So with a bunch of really small pieces left, I made these cute mini-messenger bags. Andrew, my reluctant model, said that I could post this picture as long as I didn't show his face... since the "purse" has flowers on it. However, he did put in his order for one that is all red...LOL. I am so excited and I hope the kids like them.

I am still working on "pattern kits" for a few people who expressed interest in making ponchos also to donate to their local children's hospital/ward (you know who you are and I promise I will get them to you soon). And another wonderful suggestion was to pre-cut some ponchos and give them un-knotted to the older kids and let them tie their own poncho... it would give them different to do. We all know that you can only count the ceiling tiles so many times. So I am keeping busy.

I packaged each poncho in a zip lock baggie and this little message on each.  It says  
"Hi Friend, My name is Sam and I spent lots of time in the hospital too... so my Mom made this especially for you ."
 And then I put a link to this blog on the bottom.  


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Nancy Ferrarini said...

Love the labels, Rae!