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Thursday, February 12, 2009

More on The Poncho Project

Well the Poncho Project is under way.  I have 9 completed ponchos ready for donation and 3 more have been mailed to 3 very special little girls (hope you liked them little ladies).  I am currently using up the last bit of left over fleece that I have (probably enough for 3 or 4 more small ponchos) and then I will be off to raid the fabric store again.  I have also found that I have some smaller scraps... much too small for a poncho... just the right size to make some hip and stylish mini-messenger bags (all no-sew of course).  Once the weather gets too warm for the ponchos I will start working on the purses/bags and donate more of those at least during the summer months.  

Sam's next appointment at the hospital is March 17th (Erin Go Braugh!) and that is when I plan to make my first donation.  I hope to have close to 18-20 ponchos done by then.   Fingers crossed they will be well received  and the kids really like them.  So in the mean time I am busy tying knots.


My name is Sarah said...

I am screaming because that is my blanket. I love it. Good project.

Junior said...

Such a great project I am sure the kids will love them. My son has several no sew fleece blankets that he uses instead of his coat when we go out. So much easier to get on and off when in his wheel chair.
Your son is a handsome little guy and has a great smile.
God bless, Heidi & Junior

Heather said...

Finally ... I posted a picture!!Like I said,better one will follow next round.Thanks again Rae.Love from afar.

Heather said...

Thanks for the tip!Sounds logical when you said it.Had to reference Andrew's picture though ... I am a visual learner!!!!