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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Boys will be Boys

Andrew and Pat made this snowball fort and are preparing for battle.  I suppose we have also earned a few more "green" points for using the recycling container in a unique way...LOL.  Pat has been standing behind the fort firing snowballs at Andrew who is hitting them with his red plastic bat... fun on a Saturday morning.

Meanwhile... Sam and Sean cannot resist the temptation of the DVD cabinet.  In a split second they can have every single DVD/CD out of the cabinet and in every corner of the room.  The trouble really starts when they unite forces and try to load the DVD player by them selves.  I have found DVDs (several at a time) inside the VCR, under the couch, in the diaper drawer, and tucked inside their shirts.  They both know enough to grasp the basic concept.... disk goes in...movie comes on... but they lack the ability to do this without either creating a huge mess or braking something (namely the DVD player).  So after picking up all the DVDs strewn to the high heavens for the gazillionth time, I decided to make the DVDs "unavailable"... to anyone it would seem.  So to there utter disappointment I have used surgical tape to secure the DVD cabinet doors.  Sam has taken to licking the glass on the doors in a vain attempt to get closer to his precious DVDs.  You gotta give him an A for effort.  I am sure that this fix will only last for a short time but at least once they figure out how to peal the tape off I can chalk it up as an OT exercise...LOL

Story time on the couch with Dad.  Andrew is about to fall asleep and Sean and Sam are planning something naughty... not really paying attention to the story at all I am sure.


Heather said...

Makes me miss my 25 years in NY.No joke.Snow forts were the best and it is bizarre to me that my children don't know a thing about them.As for the naughty ones ... love them.I so hope Zoey gains speed and becomes feisty and mischievous.I so hope.

Michael David said...

We've been playing in the snow, too, but still can't wait until it's gone. Our house is all taped up, too, with duct tape. I havn't watched or taped anything in the vcr in forever, because Brian will either put something in it, or get his little fingers stuck.