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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Holy Chernobyl Zucchini Batman!

So when your Mom gives you zucchini...

... make zucchini bread!
***note... a zucchini this size yields enough to make 12 loaves***

So my Mom and Step-Dad have a community garden with some of my other relatives in Michigan.  I don't know what kind of fertilizer they are using but they are growing these Chernobyl size zucchini.  So what do you do with monster zucchini???? You make A LOT of zucchini bread.  I have a few recipes that I really like... but as in all my baking I substitute apple sauce for the oil.  It cuts the fat significantly and at the rate my boys devour it... I feel better giving it to them.  This is Apple Zucchini Bread... Yummy!

Another product of the family garden has been carrots, carrots and more carrots!  Sean LOVES these carrots.  They are almost too pretty to eat... NOT... they are so yummy we have been eating them right out of the jar.  

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