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Monday, September 8, 2008


Once again we donned our best tye-dye shirts and headed out for the Wheatland Music Festival in Remus Michigan.  3 days of camping, and the best darn folk music around.  Cajun music, Irish music, Bluegrass, Zydeco music, African Drumming, Dancing, clogging, fiddles, banjos and tye-dye OH MY!  I have been going to Wheatland with my parents since I was a kid but now it is so much fun to take my boys... they love the music and spending time with all our family that also goes every year. 

The weather turned out great!  I have been to Wheatland in the rain, in the blistering heat and even in the snow... Yes, we over packed but besides your tye-dye apparel, you must bring clothes for every type of weather.  

The kids spent a lot of time on "kids hill" and after they crashed, dirty and exhausted, some of us hit the dance pavilion were things were hoppin' until 2:00am.  Several thousand people (I think around 16,000 this year) show up annually for this amazing event... think Woodstock with hillbillies... to camp, eat, dance and play their fiddles.  Andrew has expressed some interest in the past about learning to play the fiddle (yes, the fiddle is the same as a violin... the difference is how you play it... and perhaps from which side of the Mason-Dixon Line you reside)... so this year to spark his interest a bit more he got a CAN-jo (a one string banjo made from a tin can, a long neck of wood and one string) and he has already composed a song entitled "The Lost and Found Dinosaur".  And to think maybe a few years down the road he could be jammin' out on his fiddle on the main stage... oh a mama can dream... lol.  


Heather said...

Fun times you guys pack in up or is it over, your way!!Pictures perhaps? Hope ypu all are settling into the swing of the new year.Love from California

Katie said...

Sounds like a fun time! Welcome home!