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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

and one month later...

OMG... so I just realized that is has been over a month since my last post...  Seriously... where does the time go???  

It has been a crazy month full of laughs and tears, hellos (welcome to the family baby "Muddus") and good-byes (love you always Grandma Powell), a broken bone, family, friends, baseball, a cub scout camp out,  skateboarding, swim lessons, we got new phones... finally, therapies, 2 trips to Michigan and I am now noticing... several blog drafts that never made it to posting.  

Just know that we are all alive and well and have found these things to be true...  Coffee is good.  Wine is good-er.  Coffee or wine with good friends is good-er-er. My children have NOT perfected the fine art of sleeping in and their names have officially been changed to Button Pusher, Instigator and Naughty... Patrick now answers to  Enabler.  Yes, seriously!  Food cooked on the grill always tastes better.  Kittens don't need to walk when they have a 2 year old who carries them everywhere.  Legos, even really small ones, can tear the skin off a calloused heal when stepped upon.  Sponge Bob Squarepants has an unholy grip on my children (I am not proud of this).  iphones ROCK (comparatively speaking, any phone that was replacing my 7 year old dinosaur of a phone would have been awesome... but I LOVE my iphone).  It is possible to work a  30 hour day.  AND... it is inevitable that when applying spray on sunscreen to yourself you will miss at least one spot... especially if it is windy.

The next week is going to fly by as I am getting prepared for the UL Convention... OMG I am so excited.  I just need to fine-tune my presentation just a bit and avoid the urge to over pack.  But once I return our normally scheduled program will return (with pictures)!


Heather said...

Your busy sounds beautiful.Have missed updates.Especially on my boyfriend.Enjoy the summer for it will be gone in a flash!

Michael David said...

It's so easy to have the time fly by when your a busy parent. A month can go by like a blink of an eye. If you guys come to the U.P. you need to get ahold of. Would be great for our families to get together. Havn't seen you in, like, forever.