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Monday, May 10, 2010

a busy weekend in three short chapters...

Chapater 1

Mother's Day program at Andrew's school.  There was singing and poems read and fabulous art work and all the mothers were all served cookies and lemonade.  

Chapter 2

Andrew's First Communion at Prince of Peace Catholic Church.  Andrew was chosen to be one of the children to bring up the host for the mass.  He did a wonderful job and he looked so very handsome in his suit.  After the Mass we went to the Olive Garden for lunch (Andrew's choice) and had a really nice afternoon with family.

Chapter 3

Mother's Day.  Since Grandma Moore (and Papa Moore too) and Grandma Mema were here for Andrew's First Communion I was able to take my mom and MIL to get pedicures.  Now we all have pretty feet and painted toes.  ***OK... we will use the term "pretty" loosely LOL but they are painted all the same***  Pat cooked ribs on the grill, we went for a walk and the boys went fishing and everyone had a nice day.  

It was a very nice weekend.   

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Katie said...

Wow Andrew is getting so big!