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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

and this is the bow that Patrick made...

OK... if you don't hear from me in awhile it will be because Patrick has confiscated my computer or worse...tossed it out the window... to avoid the humiliation resulting from future posts of a similar nature.  

For starters (I will start with the really-super-cool-awesome reason that brought me to this post and slowly lead into the more embarrassing stuff) I have been selected as a Creative Segment presenter at the upcoming Uppercase Living Convention in July.  OMG!!! I am sooo excited.  This is such an honor, however after signing the non-disclosure agreement my lips are sealed!

However... that brings me to the stuff I CAN talk about.  Long story short... before even being selected to present at convention, I told a fellow Uppercase Living demonstrator and convention roommate that I would help her with her bow-tying woes.  (BTW... I will not be presenting about bows...LOL) Well one thing led to another and now there seems to be a cult movement of sorts and a little one-on-one demo has turned into a room full of women and few pitchers of margaritas.  I think it is great that so many people want to exchange ideas and I am really looking forward to it.  I have several different ways to tie bows and knots but with such a crowd I want to make sure that I could teach this to the masses.  The techniques are quite simple and the results can be pretty dramatic.  I could do this in my sleep, but in a room full of women armed with scissors I wanted to make sure that this seemingly easy task does not get out of hand...LOL.

Then a bit of panic set in... but only for a moment... and then I got an idea.... I will teach Patrick to tie a bow.  Yes, Patrick, my husband who does not have a creative bone in his body and would rather dig ditches naked in manure than be caught tying bows (so as to keep manliness  intact I will mention that he was threatened into this and he was made to conform under duress).

So with much grumbling... this is the bow that Patrick made.

Not too shabby!  Of course to make it even more painful I made him use the sparkly ribbon... of course.  Now don't go pegging me for a sadist... there a method behind my madness.  My thought was that if I could get Patrick to tie a decent bow in 10 minutes or less then I would have no problems with a room full of eager bow-challenged women.  Seriously... if Patrick can tie a bow like this just imagine the bow-tying frenzy that will follow!

...and here is proof (and might I add wearing his marine corps tee shirt no less)!  Real men do tie bows!

(thank you honey for being such a good sport xxoo)


Julie Corrigan said...

Congrats on being selected as a creativity session presentor! I loved doing it last year so I can't wait to see what you're showing! Great bow...I want in on the how to's!

TinaDerossett said...

I am so inviting myself to your room for a bow lesson! I can't wait for convention!