everything is possible... the impossible just takes a little longer

slow and steady wins the race

Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Sam!

Today my chromosomally enhanced wonder boy turns 7... I cannot believe it.  You don't have to think about it very long to realize just how far he has come in these past 7 years... today truly is a day to celebrate!  To get a brief overview of how Sam got to where he is today... slow and steady wins the race!

From this 12/17/02... (Sam was 6 days old, 14 inches long and barely holding on to 2 pounds)

To this... 12/11/09 (Sam is 7 years old, 45" tall and 54 pounds)

We are so very proud of how far he has come and are excited to see all the places he will go.  Happy Birthday my sweet boy... I hope the world can truly see just how wonderful you are!


Heather said...

You will never ever know what it has meant to me to have stumbled upon your miracle boy that cold,dark February morning,nearly 2 years ago.Sam represented hope to me that night and each and everytime I come here,I am rallied by that same unwavering hope.I see Sam and I see Zoey and the possibilities before her.

I of course stole,borrowed,jacked or adopted,whatever you want to call it,your two mantra's:Slow and Steady wins the Race and Everything is possible,the impossible just takes a little longer.This morning as a matter of fact,we were repeating Slow and Steady during therapy.And let's not forget my necklace!

So in a very long winded way I am once again extending my thanks for sharing your boy wonder.

Happy birthday Sam.May it be filled with laughter and love and may you know, that across the country,there is a family who loves you in a weird,cyber stalky way,very much!

*The video gets me each and everytime!Cried like a bay the first time,cried like a bay this morning!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Sam!!! Rae, you have a way with words and your posts always bring tears to my eyes. I hope Sam, and the rest of the family, have a fabulous day!! Take care.

Heather said...

WHAT the heck is "cried like a bay"???...I even did it twice AND on top of it, I previewed it,which I never do!My older daughter caught it,needless to say you know what I meant and I guess my tears were in the way and I meant "baby"...twice!!

got your email ... love right back at you!