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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just one of those days

Today has just been one of those days.  I have a splitting headache and between my coughing jags... Sam and Sean have learned some new tricks! (oh joy).  For starters... they have thrown every shoe they could find down the basement stairs, Sam learned how to dispense water from the fridge door and do you think he used any type of container to catch the water... NO!   Sean has ripped several pages out of the phone book. Sam is now able to climb over all the of the safety gates rendering them not so "safe"...Sean climbs on everything and he is also very very close to following Sam up and over the gates... stupid gates.  The 2 smallest monsters have been at each other all day... neither happy with what they have and will do anything in their power to get what the other one has.  Sean looks like he has been through a bar brawl and I am pretty positive that it will be impossible to get a Christmas picture of the boys without any bruises, rug burns or scratch marks on their faces.  Everybody got flu shots and then some on Tuesday and you can tell exactly how tall each of my children are by the distinct snot lines across my clothes.  I am hoarse from repeating "keep your hands to your self" for the zillionth time today.  So basically everyone feels like crap today and is taking it out on everyone else.  And now someone smells really, really bad... and if I can smell it I know it is bad because I have been congested and unable to smell anything for the past 3 days.  Andrew is completely un-phased and is happily building something in his bedroom.  I now need to find out who is stinky before we have a 2319 (AKA visual confirmation of diaper contents outside of the diaper)  

**** correction.... evidently there was one shoe that was not tossed down the stairs and it just came into contact with Sean's head.  


Mike Burrill said...

Rae, I definately feel your pain. Lily and Trevor have been at each other a lot lately. Half the time we can't even make it out of the school before one of them is crying. Ugh. Brian is doing OK, but is teething and has a runny nose, so the nights lately have not been fun.
God Bless,

Katie said...

oh goodness - I hope you are all feeling better today - how miserable. Did this keep Pat at work all weekend? Remember I have a guest room if you ever get to escape for a weekend. LOL!

Larkinsmom said...

I like to call this the "displacement of anger family" and we visit it regularly. Enjoy it cause peace and quiet do come :)