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Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween pics!!!

OMG... How could I forget to post Halloween pics???  
Well here they are... better late than never.  It was very very warm for this time of year (I think nearly 70 degrees) and so all the little goblins were out in droves.  I actually had to run out for more candy after Things 1-7 raided our candy bowl.  I didn't get any good pics but we turned our garage in to a big mouth.  We cut teeth out and placed them so it looked like you were walking through a mouth in order to get the candy.  Our decorations were small potatoes compared to our neighbors.  They went all out with a grave yard and spook house.  We also brought out the fire pit, made tons of chili and hung out in the drive way eating chili and drinking beer with neighbors and friends until the wee hours.  
Good times.

I went as a Fashion Disaster (think Mimi from the Drew Carey Show)
I do have to say that I loved the obnoxious pink wig... 
it might be showing up from time to time just for fun.

Sam the Skeleton

Little Lion



My name is Sarah said...

I love the pink wig. Sam the skeleton is adorable.

Mike Burrill said...

Great pics Rae. I'll have to send you some of our Halloween. Lily was a fairy princess, Trevor was a Policman, and Brian was a little spider. Take care.

Katie said...

you are way skinnier than Mimi!