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Thursday, October 2, 2008


This is Andrew's First Grade school picture.  This is classic Andrew... the raised eye brows...the "I'm smiling so hard it hurts" smile... that's my boy.  Although I briefly considered having him do re-takes, I quickly decided that I really like this picture because it really does capture who Andrew is right now.  A 6 year old little boys with tons of personality! Andrew told me that he likes this shot and does not want re-takes because he thinks it looks like he is about to fall out of the picture.

Andrew age 6
Ms. Mitchell's First Grade Class 


Heather said...

Another classic picture from one of my very favorite families.I agree ..keep the picture.This world lacks enough realism,embrace it when you got it!!Some of my best times are looking back at my elementary school photos.Each one has a story.Great beginning Andrew!

My name is Sarah said...

Andrew, I love your picture. I hope you are having fun at school.

Katie said...

hey it's better than my driver's license - which gives me an idea for my next picture! LOL!