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Friday, April 30, 2010

you can't take just one!

OK... seriously... I can hardly stand how cute these babies are.  Sadly, Garth's passing has left a hole in our family.  And like Garth,  all our cats have sort of found us.  However, in this case I have been on the hunt but I knew that the right cat would find its way to us.  

So I posted a little plea on facebook and literally seconds later I got a response that there were some available kittens in need of a good home.  You will notice that we are going in a new direction this time... as all our past cats (Nikki, Krammer and Garth) were all black.  In the beginning that was a stipulation enforced by Pat... "the cat must be all black"... as if he thought there was a shortage of black cats, therefore reducing the likelihood of us getting one.  Obviously his plan backfired as I never had any problems finding black cats.  However, these yellow-delightful balls of fluff are going to do just fine.  So I went over today to take a peek.  It was an done deal!

We will be adopting 2... the one Sean is holding and another one of the same sex (whatever that may be).  But don't tell Pat... he as agreed to 1 but I am sure that he will soon realize the logic of having two.  Of course it will have been his idea all along (to adopt 2 kittens) and we will all acknowledge his keen foresight, generosity and humanitarian obligation.  LOL.  

As of right now Sean has named his cat "Kitty 2" (gonna have to work on that)... they won't be ready to leave their mother for a few more weeks so that will give us some time.  

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Katie said...

OMG they are so CUTE! Maybe I should come visit you! You must take two so they can be playmates. Trust me two are a good thing. They will play with each other and snuggle together at night. We love our orange kitty Manton - named after where you got him from for us!