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Friday, February 26, 2010

Celery... enter stage right!

Last night was Andrew's second grade musical.  The Fruit of a Loom guys can eat their hearts out... they don't have anything on the fruits and veggies (dairy, protein, grains and junk food too) that stole the show.  Andrew was celery and who knew that celery could talk or should I stay stalk... at night when the grocery store is closed... well that is exactly what 4 kids found out when they were accidentally locked in a grocery store one night.  The kids did a great job and the songs were so cute and all kids did such a great job with their singing and speaking parts. 

Of course my camera battery died just as Andrew was taking the stage for his speaking part... and of course the back up batteries that I scrambled to replace were also old too {note to self... remove old batteries from camera case right now and put new ones in the camera}  But he did an excellent job and we were so very proud of him.  

CELERY:  YEAH!  When you are brimming with vitamins and minerals, then you can talk.... until then pardon me if I just stalk on by!

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