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Friday, January 22, 2010

Reading Corner

So I just started Sam and Sean on the Your Baby Can Read program (thank you grandma moore).  We will be using the program over the next several months and I am very curious to see if it works.  The concept is simple and I think there is some real potential here.  In the past we have tried Out Of The Box, that involves the parents hand writing a series of flash cards that are presented to the child on a regular rotating schedule focusing on the whole word concept, however it really didn't keep Sam's interest (please note that I know several children who use this program with great success and the kids love it).  The Your Baby Can Read program, for starters, revolves around watching the DVD(s) twice a day... bonus for Sam who loves videos... and also incorporates flashcards, interactive books, slide cards and music.

On first impression I am impressed with the quality of the flash cards, books and other materials.  The videos are simple but engaging and interactive.  Sean is 2 and I will admit that he has been getting a bit distracted near the end of the video but Sam seems to enjoy it... especially watching the kids.  Sam is 7, and although a few years older than the recommended target age of the Your Baby Can Read program, he is developmentally closer to 2 also.  So I am curious to see how well both boys respond. So far both boys interact with the video; clapping and waving appropriately and Sean is attempting to repeat the words.  

We have only been at this for a few days now but I will post their progress over the next few months.  

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Kelly said...

Very cool! I'm interested in hearing how the boys do. Have you tried the Letter Factory video? My kids have all loved that one and all learned their letters and phoenics very quickly. The Word Factory is very good too!!