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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Mommy Special

Well... yesterday was haircut day. AKA... the day that I pull out the clippers and just do the best that I can with time that I get. There is not telling on any given day how long one of my boys will sit still (with some restraint of course). Sometimes it is painfully obvious that they did not get their current haircut at the local barber shop or even at a super cuts... no... there are times that their new look screams "Mommy Special" and everyone just gives you that nod... you know... that nod that says "yea... I tried to cut my kid's hair too... thank goodness it is not picture day..."

Well thankfully yesterday was pretty uneventful as far as a haircut day goes. I was really worried about cutting Sean's curly blonde locks but he did pretty good. All in all I think their hair looks pretty good... Mommy Special or not they are acceptable for public appearances. Below are a few before and after pics...

FYI... Andrew got his hair cut "professionally" about a week ago and was spared the Mommy Special haircut this time around.




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Michael David said...

Lisa won't cut Brian's red curls just yet. I want to, though, as someone at the store last week thought he was a girl.